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Our Story


We are Ross and Hannah, founders and owners of The Rowan Tree Box Co.

Our business was born out of necessity and passion during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.  During lockdown we struggled to find a box delivery service in our area which aligned with our values of sustainability, environmental responsibility, and championing Great British produce.

We firmly believe that the United Kingdom is home to some of the best farmers, growers and producers in the world.  Our nation is famed for its ‘green and pleasant land’ and has a rich history of agriculture and horticulture centred around our ability to grow and produce a vast array of wonderful produce. With such a varied and interesting choice throughout the seasons we knew that we didn’t need to go far to find a fantastic selection of top quality, fresh vegetables that we would be delighted to deliver to your doorstep.

We are both rooted in agriculture having grown up on and around farms and have successfully built careers in the industry, so we have a real connection to this venture on an emotional and vocational level. We know this puts us in a strong position to promote our values and reconnect you with the food you eat.

Thank you so much for supporting us and sharing our journey, we look forward to working with you.

Ross and Hannah


Our Mission

Core Values


All our produce is sourced from Great British producers as close to home as possible and in season.  We are proud to support a number of talented and enthusiastic farmers and growers who share our passion and values. It is our great privilege to be custodians of the land and it is our duty to ensure that this privilege is passed on for generations to come

We are determined to make sure that the next generation can have a veg experience as great as yours.

Environmentally Responsible

As well as showcasing the skill and expertise of our Great British growers, we are determined to play our part in making as little impact as possible on the world around us.

Our boxes and packaging are all sourced from the UK and we are doing everything we can to be plastic free. 

Reducing food miles has become an important goal for the industry and we share that vision, so we work with a small group of trusted suppliers and hand select all our produce based on quality, freshness and provenance.

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